Killester Progress against the Tigers


Tigers U18 Women took to the court against Killester on the 1 Dec 2018 with an early 10:00 tip. Killester jumped to an early 7-0 lead and continued to control the period against a hard working Tigers team, adding two on the buzzer to lead 15-6 at the close of the 1st. Killester continued to be the stronger team with Tigers struggling to get their offense working, however Tigers got back to within 6, but Killester pushed again to open up a 25-18 advantage with Tigers giving up some easy late scores.
Into the 3rd, Killester got onto early team fouls and Tigers finally got some offense going, getting back to within 4, 27-23 with 4:16 left. However Tigers could not capitalize from the free throw line and Killester scored some late scores to lead 33-26.
Into the 4th, Killester soaked up considerable pressure from Tigers to hold a 39-30 lead with 5:26, and they increased their lead with a number of fast breaks to lead 43-30 with 2:19 on the clock. Tigers worked hard during the game, however they missed a number of opportunities from the free throw line to close the gap on Killester who ran out 46-36 and progressed to the next round. @killesterbball