Div1 Men take down Titans


The Div 1 Men took on the Titans this evening in a very close game, in a very close league.
The Tigers started brightly, with the team getting rotated reguarly in the 1st period to establish a 21-16 lead.
Into the 2nd, Odhran started shooting a number of 3s for the Tigers to establish a 10 pt lead, however Titans fought back with a number of turnovers with Titans 4 leading the way and he was the main threat all night for the Titans. Tigers held on to lead 35-31.
Into the 3rd of a what was a very tight game which could really go either way. Tigers ran into foul trouble, however Titans were not able to capitalise from the free throw line which allowed Tigers to hold a 47-46 lead at the end of the 3rd.
The 4th period saw Titan lead twice in the game, however Odhran fired off another couple of nice baskets and with David continuing to drive well to the basket, the Tigers were able to hold on for a 59-57 win.
Great job from the Tigers against top of the table Titans. Tigers now looking forward to their next couple of games as they push higher up the table.

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