Tigers U18 Women go down to hard working Blaze


U18 Women took to court looking to take revenge against Blaze from a loss earlier in the season. However with the Tigers playing off a bench of 7 due to injury and illness and Blaze playing off an bench of 11 the game was going to be difficult. The opening period was fairly even but Tigers began to establish their superiority to hold a 15-9 lead at the end of the 1st. Blaze responded strongly in the 2nd period, limiting Tigers to just 6 points while racking up 17 to lead 26-21 at the end of the second. The 3rd period was a tight affair with Blaze holding the advantage until they got into foul trouble and allowing the Tigers to score some free throws to end the period only 1 point down, 36-35. Into the fourth, Blaze were able to maintain their lead with some quick breaks and quick passing, while their defence forced Tigers into some longer range shooting. The game remained tight but Blaze did enough to take the win 50-46.

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