Torraine Sears Memorial Tournament 2017 Day 3


Day3 of the touranment seen the semi-finals pair off against one another. First up, Rolestown took the win over Sligo with Sligo competing very well in the first period, but Rolestown used their greater height and fast break to take the win. Great credit must go to both teams, players and coaches who made this a superb game.
Manchester Giants paired off against Blue Demons and took the win to progress to the finals.
5th Place playoff saw BNI play St Mirren. There was divided loyalities from the locals who wanted St Mirren to pick up their first win, however BNI were determined to take the 5th place spot and duly did so and picked up the win.
3rd place playoff seem Sligo play Blue Demons. Another terrific game between these two sides saw Blue Demons come away with the victory and 3rd place in the tournament.
Rolestown took on Giants for the Trophy. It should be said that Rolestown came to competion last year and did not pick up a win so to reach the final this year and beat the Giants earlier was a tremendous achievement.
Rolestown jumped to an early lead, but the Giants fought back and by the end of the 2nd period lead 22-11. It was a measure of Giants seriousness to regain the trophy and threat from Rolestown that they played their strongest side throughout the game. Rolestown fought their way back into the final, however the Giants used their great game experience to take the win and retain the Torraine Sears Memorial Tournament for 2017.

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