All Ireland Summary


Great work from both the U16 Girls and U16 Boys in the All Ireland Competition with the Girls coming 11th in the A competition and the Boys 9th in the B competition.

Both teams competed well against Ireland’s best with the boys taking two wins from four games and the Girls one win from four.

The players worked hard and competed well in their games, were a credit to the club and themselves. See the Tigers Facebook site for more pictures.

Fr Matthews
First up for the U16 Girls is Fr Matthews. End of the first period the Girls trailed 12-3 against a tall Fr Matthews team. Into the second the Girls held their own, with Linda and Orla coming into the game – Tigers trailed 18-7. Into the third, an early 3pt from Emilie brought the score to 18-10, however the period was dominated by Fr Matthews who extended their lead to 30-10. Into the 4th and the Tigers rallied and fought back with a higher press to take the fourth period 9-5, but Fr Mattews held on to win 35-19. Lots of positives. Top scorers, Lara 6, Naoishe 4 and Emilie 3

First period and Tigers started strongly with 2:38 left in the first Tigers led 6-5, Wilcats fought back to lead 9-8 with 48 seconds left, but with Tigers on team fouls, Wilcats took advantage to stretch their lead to 16-8 with a late three. Wildcats were fast on the break in the second and stretched their lead to 26-12. A must better third period for the Tigers saw them edge the third period 9-5 with Wildcats ending the period 33-21 ahead. Wilcats regrouped in the fourth took the game 47-29. Again, positives in the game against a well drilled Wildcats team who would go on to finish runner-up in the competition. Top scorers Lara 10, Emilie 7 and Naoishe 6

Third game of the day say Tigers in a 3rd place playoff game vs Maree. Tigers started quickly and led 7-0 with 3:57 left in the first period. Maree fought back but Tiger ahead in the 1st period 14-11. The second period was very tight with the Tigers holding on to lead 20-18. Into the third period, with 2:28 left, Tigers still ahead 24-23 but Maree were pressing well and now passing the ball well and Maree ended up ahead 27-24. Into the fourth, Maree continued to press and with the Tigers starting to tire Maree moved them round the court and took the game 43-38. Maree would go on to finish 9th. Top Scorers Emilie 16, Lara 13 and Naoishe 6

Tigers took on Phoenix in the battle for 11th best team in Ireland. Tigers gave the opportunity to some of the younger squad who did not disappoint and ended the first period 16-2 ahead. Into the second, Tigers continued their dominance and stretched their lead to 28-10. Tigers continued to impose their game on Phoenix and worked the ball well and ended the third period 44-16 ahead. With more of the younger Tigers getting court time, Tigers played out the fourth period taking the game 50-20 to take 11th place in the All Ireland event. Top Scorers Lara 16, Naoishe 14 and Chloe 4

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